How to care and clean a fude

Fude, which means makeup brush in Japanese,
is a tool for enhancing your beauty.
The following will help you keep your brushes
in top condition.
Daily care  
Tap off the brush with your hand balled loosely into a fist.
Finishing brush, powder brush, and blush brush. Every time you use one, tap off the excess powder. If powder still remains, wipe it gently with tissue. If you rub strongly the brush, it may set up harming and tearing the brush.
Lip brush, shadow brush.
Slide the surface of the brush on the tissue and wipe gently with tissue. If you wipe it every time after each use, you'll seldom need to wash it.
Cleaning with warm water  
Cleaning with warm water
When your brush smells or contains beads of makeup, wash it with warm water. Dissolve mild detergent for wool in warm water and soak the head of brush up to the ferrule. Wash the head by gently stroking from the root to the tip with your fingers, and rinse it thoroughly.
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you can dip up to the ferrule.   you can also wash it with fragrance-free soap.
Lather by combing in one cirection wite your fingers.
*Do not wash brush in a cleaner containing any alcoholic solvents, except when it's necessary to dry quickly for commercial use. The alcoholic solvent harms both natural and synthetic hair. Fabric softener can make it difficult for a brush to hold powder.
Begin combing little by little from the tip of the brush not to harm hair, combing in the direction from the root to the tip. Then turn brush over and comb the other side.illust

If you start combing from the bottom of the head right away, the hair will tear.

Squeeze the brush with a towel, arrange the shape with your fingers, and dry it in the shade. Never use a dryer or put it in direct sunlight to avoid weakening of the brush hairs.illust



when you arrenge the shape of a makeup brush.
imagine a symmetrical bud.

How to store brushes  
We recommend keeping it in this own case.
Stand them in a cup if you use them every day. If you do not use them for a while, keep them in the plastic bag given at the time of purchase and lay them down. However, if you do not use them for a long time, it may set up harming brushes. Keep them in a dry place in order to prevent molding.
When to replace brushes  
Makeup brushes are consumable goods so it is time to buy a new one when the brush hair is worn out. When your brush cannot hold enough powder or its texture deteriorates, it is time to change the brush. They generally last around three to five years. If you do not use a used makeup brush for a long time, the hair might get worse. Using a brush everyday is the best way to keep it in good condition.