J601GS Slide Face round and flat

  • Manufactured by: Goat & Synthetic Fiber


  • Model: H3795
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【Portable brushes】Our popular 'On the go' brush range. The small brushes do the work for you and are also easy to carry when you travel, etc. Slide face - our retractable blusher brush range - a must-have!
J601GS Slide Face round and flat

The bristles pop out from the tip of the brush when the cap is inserted from the bottom of the handle, allowing you to open and close the brush as needed. The moderately resilient bristles of this powder and blusher brush enable you to achieve a seamless finish and deliver powder to the contours of your face.

【Product Info 】
Foundation brush
Hair Type :
Goat/Synthetic fiber
Handle Type :
Synthetic resin/black
A. Full Length: 125.0㎜ in place 90mm B. Hair Length: 38.0㎜
C. Thickness: 15.5㎜