B004BkSL = K004 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat

  • Manufactured by: Pine & N. American Squirrel


  • Model: H3104
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【K series】Especially selected for ease of use, the brushes in our K range comprise a wide range of shapes and hair types. Popular with everyone, from makeup beginners to makeup artists.

K004 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat

Our standard eye shadow brush. Easy to use, even for makeup beginners, can be used for the upper eyelid area.

【Product Info 】
Eye Shadow
Hair Type :
Pine & N. American Squirrel  
Handle Type :
Wood Handle/Black
Nickel Brass/Silver
A. Full Length: 145㎜ B. Hair Length: 11.5㎜
C. Thickness: 3.4㎜ D. Width of the Ferrule Foot: 10.0㎜