S127Bk Eye Shadow Brush Round & Flat

  • Manufactured by: Canadian Squirrel


  • Model: H2073
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【S100Bk series】 All the brush heads are identical to those of S100 Vermillion Brush Range but these brushes have glossy wooden handles. The handle shape has been especially designed for ease of use, for everyone. It can be quite difficult to achieve the desired finish to your eye makeup with only one brush. We recommend you have three to five different eye shadow brushes. For example, brushes for eye shadow base, to blend colors and apply color to the inner or outer corners of your eyes. B120BKSM works best to create an eye shadow base, B004BKSM to blend colors and B005BKSM or 533 to apply makeup to both the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

S127Bk Eye Shadow Brush Round & Flat

It is highly prized by makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts due to its uniform body and controllability. It enables you to achieve natural blending of colors and sheer coverage.

【Product Info 】
Eye Shadow
Hair Type :
Canadian Squirrel
Handle Type :
Wood Black
24-karat gold plated brass with clear coating
A. Full Length: 155.0mm; B. Hair Length: 15.0mm
C. Thickness: 3.6mm;