S4001Bk Duo Fibre Powder Brush C

  • Manufactured by: Goat & Synthetic Fiber


  • Model: H3776
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【S100Bk series】 All the brush heads are identical to those of S100 Vermillion Brush Range but these brushes have glossy wooden handles. The handle shape has been especially designed for ease of use, for everyone.

S4001Bk Duo Fibre Powder Brush C

This brush provides you a perfect look with shimmer powder evenly and elegantly. After picking up pigments of blusher; lightly strokes to apply by using surface of the brush (try not to touch shorter goat hair on your skin); this technique helps you to create quicker to your ideal natural finish.

【Product Info 】
Powder, Blusher、Foundation
Hair Type :
Goat・Synthetic fiber
Handle Type :
Wood black
24-karat gold plated brass with clear coating
A. Full Length: 180.0mm; B. Hair Length: 40.0mm;
C. Thickness: 20.0mm;
【Shapes of bristles】
Easy for even makeup beginners, angled bristles will easily offer precision, so you do not need special makeup skills. Ideal for finishing or highlighting brushes.
Suitable for finishing and powder brushes. You can easily glide brushes with flat bristles from side to side, good for contouring.
This standard bristle shape provides moderate coverage but enables you to easily achieve a seamless finish.
Round and Flat:
Suitable for a powder brush as it provides a polished look and creates great colors.
The pointed shape of bristles offers good control, you will easily achieve natural blending of colors. Suitable for blusher or highlighter brush.
You can easily achieve a radiant and polished look with this shape of bristles. Buff in a circular motion and glide gently on your skin.