211 Blush Brush Round & Flat

  • Manufactured by: Horse


  • Model: H4407
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Our 200 brush range features a wide variety of bristles. The bristles have natural spring and have been specially crafted for complete control and accuracy. These brushes are ideal for application with cream or water-based products. Shapes of bristles Angled: Easy for even makeup beginners, angled bristles will easily offer precision, so you do not need special makeup skills. Ideal for finishing or highlighting brushes. Flat: Suitable for finishing and powder brushes. You can easily glide brushes with flat bristles from side to side, good for contouring. Round: This standard bristle shape provides moderate coverage but enables you to easily achieve a seamless finish. Round and Flat: Suitable for a powder brush as it provides a polished look and creates great colors. Pointed: The pointed shape of bristles offers good control, you will easily achieve natural blending of colors. Suitable for blusher or highlighter brush. Domed: You can easily achieve a radiant and polished look with this shape of bristles. Buff in a circular motion and glide gently on your skin.

211 Blush Brush Round & Flat

Our standard blusher brush.

【Product Info 】
Blush, Highlighter
Hair Type :
Handle Type :
Nickel-plated brass
A. Full Length: 178.0mm; B. Hair Length: 38.0mm;
C. Thickness: 10.0mm