G6070BkSL Kebo

  • Manufactured by: Blue Squirrel


  • Model: H5012
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G6070 Kebo

Kebo brushes are created from idea of traditional Kebo brushes which has been used for Japanese crafts of gold powders. It is recommended to use for blush or highlight. This layered hair combination provides super soft&even application, hence you can easily build up your ideal intensity even with shimmer powder, glitter, high pigmented powder or vivid color.

【Product Info 】
Eye shadow„ÄĀHighlight
Hair Type :
Blue squirrel
Handle Type :
Nickel-plated brass
A. Full Length: 161mm; B. Hair Length: 30.0㎜
C. Thickness:
【The Kebo Series】
Kebo brush has been used for Japanese traditional craft of Makie which is sprinkled with gold powder as a decoration on cashew lacquer. Kebo Family Series are regeneration brushes with the idea of each tip of the hair are fluffy opened, and can easily distribute the right amount of cosmetics softly but precisely to build an ideal look. We have varying types of Kebo brushes with different hair type and specification.