B163BkSL Eye Brow Brush angled

  • Manufactured by: Water Badger


  • Model: H3121
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【Basic series】Basic series selected brushes from each series which is easy to use and basic. (Only a long handle “SL” is available in the US.)

B163BkSM Eye Brow Brush and angled  

Short and resilient, this brush enables you to fill your brows naturally, especially the area from the arch of the brow to the outer end of the brow.

【Product Info 】
Eye Brow
Hair Type :
Water Badger
Handle Type :
Wood Handle/Black
Nickel Brass/Silver
A. Full Length: 145㎜ B. Hair Length:4.8㎜
C. Thickness: 2.0㎜ D. Width of the Ferrule Foot: 7.0㎜