Frequently Asked Questions




Q.1 I would like to create natural looking eyebrows. What is your recommendation?
Eyebrow brushes
  • S163: It is possible to draw fine lines as the hair length is short and the brush has resilience. Suitable when coloring from the peak to the end of your brows.
Q.2 I am looking for a blush brush but there are so many different shaped brushes and I don't know which to choose. Can you tell me the features of the brushes?
The shape of the brushes
  • Round and flat: This is the basic brush shape. You can add gradated colors on your cheekbones lightly and naturally. (e.g. S110, ,B110BKSM )
  • Angled: For shading in your facial contour line. For when you want to make your face appear smaller. (e.g. G503)
***The features and characteristics of the hairs vary. Please refer here for more information.
Q.3 I get very confused with the different shaped brushes when choosing a finishing/ powder brush. Can you tell me the differences among the brushes?
About the brush shape
  • Angled: Suitable for self-make up as you do not have adjust the brush angle yourself.
  • Flat: Can be used both as a finishing brush or a powder brush, also excellent for shading.
  • Round: This is the most basic shaped powder brush. It is suitable for light and even application of powder.
  • Round and flat: It is suitable for adding glossy complexion. The shape is excellent for coloration.
  • Pointed: It is good with coloration as the pointed shaped brushes have high density of hair. Gradation can easily be achieved. Suitable for blush brush or highlight brush.
Q.4 Is it better to have different sized eye shadow brushes?
Eyebrow brushes
It is really difficult to complete all the eye makeup with only one brush. We recommend you to have at least 2 or 3 brushes (for base color, for gradation, for the of your eyes). We recommend the following brushes: Base color - B120BkSM
Q.5 I have a question regarding maintenance for the brushes. How often shall I wash the brushes?
A.5 Although it depends on how often you use the brushes, generally washing once every 1 - 2 month is enough. Please refer here for "how to keep the brush clean". Please be noted that washing too often will cause the damage to brushes.
Q.6 I am looking for a highlighting brush for a soft and light application.
A.6 We recommend you squirrel haired brushes such as S116 in S100 series, which has the soft texture.
Q.7 Which series are recommendable for cosmetic brush beginners?
A.7 We do not have a line of products which are especially developed for beginners, but we recommend the K series which are comparatively cost effective. We used to recommend the K series as instructional tools for beauty colleges and schools to use as beginner brushes. We have added the K series to our website as it has become popular among customers.
Q.8 I am looking for a powder brush. Can you tell me the differences between goat haired- and squirrel haired brushes?
A.8 Goat haired brushes give you a glossy finished look, while squirrel haired brushes give you a matt finishing look.
  • Goat hair: For those with oily skin. You can expect covering effects on pores naturally as fine powder can be applied evenly over the pores. In addition, you can get lustrous shiny skin by sweeping gently with the whole surface.
  • Blue squirrel hair: For those with dry, or sensitive skin. Blue squirrel hair is not resilient; therefore a finished look will be more matt-looking as powder is lightly applied to your skin. The hair is very delicate so it is the basic rule to use the brush surface by laying the brush down. Blue squirrel hair is suitable for loose powder application, however as the hair is very delicate, blue squirrel hair brushes are not suitable for powders containing oil.